How can I shop at New Digi World?

You can visit our official website New Digi World .com and select your order from the available options.

How will you deliver my item if I am out?

In this case, our shipping company will notify you via message and redeliver the order as per your availability next time. However, we request you to make purchase in a manner that someone is available to receive the order at the provided delivery address.

What if I receive damaged order?

If your package is damaged at the time of accepting the delivery, please return it and inform us immediately.  If you find the package is damaged after accepting the delivery, you can write to us through email within 24 hours of receiving the package.

How many days do you take to deliver the order?

After receiving the request, we process the order within 48 hours that gets delivered to your address within 7 business working days depending on the location. In some cases, the delivery of the product might take a little longer if the accessibility of your location is too far.

Can I change my Email Id or Mobile number?

We apologize for this, your phone number or email id cannot be changed once registered to the portal. However, you have the choice to create new account using new phone number or Email Id.

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